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Hand Crafted Cabinetry and Furniture

A large part of business is designing, building and finishing beautiful one off pieces of HANDCRAFTED FURNITURE.  You’ll find on this site over 4000 different pieces we have produced.  Some clients need a piece of furniture to fit a space; others, a piece to match something they already have; others still just want a solid piece of furniture, made out of real woods and finished immaculately.   Our CONTRACT division supplies solid furniture to the hospitality, and commercial markets.  As an example, we produced over 2500 pieces of furniture for Chapters, still used after 10 years in their stores across Canada.  You can also check out some of our MAJOR PROJECT clients.

Furniture Finishing

Our knowledge, experience and ability to create spectacular finishes that make fine woods glow, and character finishes that are truly stunning, brings clients from far and wide.  We finish furniture that others have built, both new and old, to achieve a look that others can’t.  While we use just about every type of finish, we also specialize in water-based finishes.  Please see our FINISHING section.

Furniture Restoration

We started in restoration and continue to provide high end restoration services in southern Ontario.  Examples of are work are shown on our REFINISHING pages. Three different types of services are available:

A/   REFRESHING  - Sometimes an older piece of furniture or antique, or even wall panelling just needs some tender loving care to bring back it’s richness, and lustre.  We offer this service both in your home and our shops.  This may include cleaning, minor repairs, touch-ups, oiling and/or waxing, varnishing or French polishing.

B/   UPDATING - Whether it’s furniture from the 1930’s, 1960’s or even 1990’s, some colours of yesterday are no longer in fashion.  Changing the colour, the choice of hardware, and other elements can make a huge difference, and allow you once again to use your furniture with pleasure.

C/   RESTORATION - Quite often, older pieces need more attention: the drawers bind, the doors don’t close properly, or there are cracks or other problems in the wood.  Sometimes there is missing trim, hardware or other details.  Generally, this type of work requires focussed attention in our shops.  In more dynamic situations we are asked to re-invent older furniture.  Examples include; turning dressers into vanities, and even entertainment centres into bars.

Furniture Design

While we design everything we build, some clients come to us for the design only.  Where we are able, we will try to accommodate, fitting in your project when we have time.  We charge $85/hour to provide complete CAD renderings of just about any wood furnishings your desire.  To inquire about having us work on your project click here.

Our design process usually starts with your idea, a style, function or a look and from that we create an outline.  That outline leads to a CAD rendering, and if necessary a 3D sketch.  Along the way, we may look at alternatives and even differing ideas altogether, if only to share our experience, and ensure that the final design meets your vision, your needs and looks the best it can be.


For over 30 years we have been Canada’s only Carousel restoration shop.  We focus on hand carved wooden carousel animals pre-1930, and old English wooden rocking horses.  We also generally have a few horses and other carousel art for sale.  Please see our CAROUSEL section.


Every one of our showrooms has been “dressed” as though we lived there.  We sell accessories of all sorts, from beautiful lighting, mirrors, wall art, table top accessories, bedding and area rugs.  You see great examples if you visit our virtual SHOWROOM.

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We sell and restore antique and hand carved carousel animals, antique English rocking horses and other carousel art.

Nitty Gritty


We design and build beautiful handcrafted furniture and cabinetry from solid woods and fine veneers, in all styles.

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We are furniture refinishing specialists.  We expertly restore, repair, refinish, update and rejuvenate antiques,and other fine wood furniture of every style.

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