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Victorian Home Attacked by Pet Dog


Gorgeous antique pine baseboards add huge charm to this Victorian home in Toronto’s Beach area.  Unfortunately, the family dog, when young, had a chewing fetish and attacked the baseboards and casings of the dining room.  We had to sand, fill and touch up the dramatic exposed white wood so it would blend in with the surroundings.  It was a tough job, but now you don’t notice it when you walk in the room.



While we were on site the client asked if we could do anything to this worn varnished floor on the left.  We sanded it back, cleaned the surface, added colour and re-varnished, all in one visit.  We left some extra varnish for the client to apply a few more coats.

A very big improvement, below!

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“Thank you so much for your great work.  The Baseboards and floor look so much better.  Now all I have to do is put a muzzle on my darling pet!”

    ~ M S Toronto

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The door casings were particularly well chewed.

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