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While we build a huge amount of our furniture in solid woods through-out, there are many occasions where we combine veneers with solid woods, or use veneers for inlay and marquetry work.

Often, in many of the examples below, you would never know that we used veneers at all.  The Walnut and Maple 1950‘s LP cabinet below is almost all Walnut veneers on the outside, with only the edges and base in solid Walnut.

While sometimes we use veneers alone over solid wood, we more often use them in combination with veneer core ply (VCP), or Baltic Birch Ply. These products are made from layered sheets of solid wood and are both stable, and excellent for joinery and gluing.

We try to stay away from MDF, though it does have some practical uses, and we have used it on occasion after discussion with the client of it’s liabilities.  We do not use chipboard or other inferior products.

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