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Recent Restoration Projects - May, 2011

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On-site Vanity Character Finishing


Simple Maple vanity needs a dramatic facelift.  Client has seen our character finishes and wants one on her vanity, at the cottage, 100 km from Toronto.

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“I am in love with the finish on the cupboard doors and the mirrors look perfect.  Thanks again!”

    ~ K M Toronto

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The doors and drawer fronts were brought to the city so we could strip and finish them first. We also stripped and finished the mirror frames as seen finished at right.

Arriving on-site, we taped off the vanity and surroundings with plastic.  The cupboard had been stripped and sanded already, so we washed it down and then primed it twice with a white acrylic primer.

Second coat was a custom chocolate blend of Milk Paints, mixed to a clumpy consistency.  This was trowelled and brushed on the vanity

The third coat was another Milk Paint blend of greens.  It was mixed and applied much the same as the chocolate, but not everywhere, as shown on left.

The last colour was a custom cream Milk Paint.  It had to be applied twice to achieve proper coverage.  You can see the “nubblies” of previous coats shown in the photo on the right.

The last stages included sanding the character surface to expose the browns & greens underneath, then glazing the surface with two different coloured glazes, see photos above and to the right.

The final finish was thin coats of urethane to seal the surface.

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