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We are asked on a regular basis for referrals to services and products we use or sell or just know about.  You will find below a few links to some of our suppliers and others.  If you find problems with a link please let us know.  If you have other suggestions, email us, we’re all ears!


AFM Safecoat - An American company that developed zero VOC paints quite a while ago.  It recently started distributing its products in Canada.  The only place selling it in Toronto is  called The Zero Point on Queen St. East.

Minwax - We have used Minwax oil stains for over 30 years.  While they frustrate us by changing their pigments without warning, therefore impacting our vast repertoire of recipes, we still have had good success with their oil based stains.

Benjamin Moore - While we use Para, Sico, Sherwin Williams, CIL, and other manufacturer’s paints, we generally use Benjamin Moore acrylics and oil paints.  We have used Prime Time Paint on Queen St. E., and it’s predecessor Ontario Paint, also for over 30 years, and appreciate the service they have given us. Ask for Peter or Fern.

Farrow & Ball - F&B is not our favourite paint, particularly their oil, which takes days to dry for each coat.  They have apparently changed the binder for the water based paints from acrylic to a soy derivative which has reduced the streaking.  Many customer ask us to use it for it’s dry crisp look.

John E. Goudey Manufacturing - Goudey supplies spray finishing products for professional shops.  However, sometimes designers needing a complex finish may search out this shop, that will spend the time to mix your custom process, custom finish, if you will buy their products to complete the job.


We use over 17 different suppliers of hardware in Canada and the U.S.  Here are a few:

Richelieu - With at least 31 catalogues, this is our most extensive supplier of hardware.  This link takes you to their catalogue download page.  A diverse range of hardware, though more contemporary in general.

Hafele - At last count, Hafele had 12 different catalogues available for download from this linked page.  Huge resource for more contemporary hardware.

Whitechapel -  As they say, “the highest quality brass and iron hardware available”.  We couldn’t agree more, particularly for more traditional forms of hardware.  There was a period when they wouldn’t ship to Canada, but seem to have come around and now are shipping here again.

Metal Style Bouvet - Beautiful Louis style, rustic, and even contemporary hardware.  The company is based in Montreal.

Lee Valley Tools -  Lee Valley offers generally mid range product, but what it does offer is expansive.  It’s Canadian, and if you can’t visit their stores they offer mail order.


Paint the Ponies - Book by Beth Largent.  As the only carousel restoration house in the country, we are often asked for assistance from individuals who want to undertake their own restoration work.  We haven’t written our own book on the subject, yet, but Beth has.  While there are different points of view on approach, she lays everything out in a fairly clear way for those who are interested.


Capel Rugs - We have sold these fine rugs for almost 20 years, with great success.  Their selection is huge,  with rugs made all over the wold to Capel’s designs and specs.  Now that we import directly, the price point is excellent.

Woven Reflections - We sell these handmade rugs, imported directly from India.  They are upper mid-range quality, but the key to us is the huge value.


Hubbarton Forge - While not made in Canada, it is made just across the border in Vermont.  We love the designs, the finishes , and the truly heavy weight of their wrought iron.  They are not in the made in China cheap category, but well worth the price.  We sell lots of their products.


Designer Fabric Outlet - When you need a large selection of fabrics to choose from, you don’t mind end of lines and good deals, this is the place.  It reminds me of that great old general store with rows and rows of glass jars of candies on the shelves behind the counter.  If you don’t know what you want when you go in, you might be staring in amazement for hours.  The last time I checked the link wasn’t working well, but you can Google them.

Marius Fabre Soaps - These are unbelievable soaps.  The scents are soft yet rich.  They are all natural, made with Palm or Olive oils.  The soaps are all hand made in France.  The price is right considering a bath bar last for a month in a house of 3 teenagers and two adults

A&D Turnings - If you need to replace a broken wooden turning, spindle, or other part, Peter does a great job.

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