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Deliveries (within 5 hours Drive of Toronto)

All furniture is blanket wrapped for local delivery, whether in Toronto, or across Southern Ontario.  We position each piece of furniture in the house, condo or office, put felt glides on the bottom, level it, and double check both function and finish before departing.

Shipping  (Small Items)

Smaller items include Milk Paint, accessories, rugs, and small furniture pieces.  These we ship using a variety of Canada Post, UPS, Purolator, and BPX.  The choice is based part on price, size restrictions and services.

Shipping, Delivery and Installation

Boom truck lowering centre section of a 14’ Wall Unit we installed in Bermuda.


Shipping  (Large Items)

Whether you need shipping by truck in North America or by container internationally, we have done it all.  We have shipped whole containers to Japan and Bermuda, and LTC loads to Peru, Poland, and Turkey.  In North America, we ship our furniture as “Blanket Wrapped - High Value Goods”, often by North American Van Lines.  We have customers in every Canadian province and most of the United States, from the Yukon to New Mexico.  Where cost efficiencies work, or for international shipping we crate all items.  Where an outside firm is packing the container, we prefer to oversee the operation to ensure damage does not occur.

Furniture Installation

Where installation is required, such as kitchen cabinetry, vanities, or wall units, we prefer to provide our own installation services as we know the product and can effectively deal with both cabinetry and touch-up issues.  Clients may chose to install themselves, or have a contractor install.

Sometimes, our deliveries are a little more challenging!

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