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Condos Vs. Castles

The diversity of our work, in scale, ranges from grand furniture in massive homes to highly functional petite furniture for very small condos.  One of the main benefits of building to measure is avoiding size issues.  By simply measuring certain key elements, your piece can give you everything you wanted and maybe more.

Then for the castles, there is always:

Go Big and Go Home

Big Things in Small Packages

Big Ideas Small Scale

Condo living means maximizing space.  Not only is storage is at a premium, and but finding the right scale of furniture to fit is a challenge.  We offer condo sized furniture in every category from expanding tables to storage beds, every item designed for flexibility and storage.  You’ll see examples of these pieces through-out our web-site.  If you have a particular need, please email us, and let us know.  We have probably built something like it before and can show you photos, and discuss further.

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