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All I can say is "oh no". I love my Nitty Gritty furniture and I do not want to think that your fabulous business isn't there any more. You have to be aware that your past excellent work has become part of your customers lives so that when we look at a piece of Nitty Gritty furniture we don't just think about how lovely it is, we also think of you David.  We think about how enthusiastic you are about your craft and how interesting and fun it is to work with you and how terrific the final project is.

I'm sorry to hear you are closing.  Your store on Jarvis was always a highlight.  It was the carousel horse in the window that started my interest in them.  I have not yet been able to afford a full-sized one and was always hoping that I'd be able to get you to make on for me.  Sadly, it appears that this might not be the case.

David, we are very sorry to hear that Nitty Gritty is closing.  I wish we could have managed to have more of your furniture and will treasure the two pieces that we have.  All the best for the future.

A. and I wanted to talk living room table and have the wood from my Dad who passed away last year.  I will call you when I am back in Toronto

Say it ain’t so!!  I will call in the next few days to talk you out of it.  Really too bad.

Very sorry to hear that Nitty Gritty will soon be closing. I know you have put your heart and soul into the business for over 25 years. Good luck on new opportunities and new beginnings. As they say every cloud does have a silver lining; change can open the door to opportunity previously never envisioned.

WOW!  I did not see that coming. I am deeply moved by your profound and life changing news.  With your integrity, work ethic, taste, knowledge and skill I wholeheartedly believe that this can only be the beginning of something new and wonderful for all of you.

Dear Dave, I can’t properly express to you how sad this news makes me feel.  I hope to see you during the “sale” and give you a big goodbye hug.

G. and I are very sorry to hear that Nitty Gritty is closing but also very thankful that we had the good fortune to order our new bed this past summer.  It’s all we wanted it to be – thanks for working with us so carefully.

David, it saddens me to think that Nitty Gritty will no longer be here.  I'm one of the few people who feel we should preserve what we can from the past especially furniture.  I visited your store when it was first in Toronto in the early 80's, purchased milk paint and refinished a dresser, it was wonderful.  I wish you all the best and will try to get to your showroom before you close, Thanks for allowing me to see what great work you do and have done.

David, I am immediately saddened by this news but also excited for you as you head into this unknown territory.  There are so many things you are good at - customer service, attention to detail, dedication to your work, enthusiasm, open to learning, modest and kind.  You will do very well at what ever it is you decide  I wish you the best of success

I read your email about closing-up shop with sadness.  Deciding to close a business can be a soul-searching affair and a heart-wrenching decision.  Regardless, you can certainly be very proud of your vast accomplishments over the decades.  I hope you are all resting easy, too, with the decision to close.  I certainly expect you will have a bright, prosperous future in whatever you decide to do next.  My very best wishes to you all.

It has been a great run and you should be proud of the many accomplishments that you have achieved over the years!  On to new challenges and paths.

I am so sorry to hear your store is closing. I’ve always wanted to buy a carousel horse from you. Do you know when you are closing? What are the carousel horses selling for?  Can you email me photos and prices?

From now on every time I will look at my beautiful chairs here and in Lima Peru, I will remember to say a prayer for you and your family. I know all will be well.

That’s sad, David.  J. and I really cherish all the items you made for us and the way you all went out of your way to ensure both the product and experience were the best ever.

Extremely sad news!  Unfortunately, top-of-the-line is not often appreciated Keep me and all your other fans posted.

Please share your thoughts and let us know how you feel!

Well you certainly have had a good run at it. Your work is absolutely amazing. I only found your store on King Street, one afternoon while going for a walk. You were closed at the time, but your window was so interesting, that I made a point of going back when you were open. Very interesting store.  When the opportunity presented itself, I contacted you for the company that I work for and you were able to create a beautiful table for one of our boardrooms, which is still just as lovely as when I first got it.

Very sorry to hear this news. All the best in the future.  Let's have a coffee one of these days. I'd like to know about your future aspirations so I can keep my eyes open for you.

Nooooooooooooooooo    Its not fair - im just geting to know you guys and YOU ROCK!  I look forward to trying to get off the island and dropping by to wish you well.

Oh, no!   Can I still do my project?

Every day I admire the work you did on my grandmothers dresser. I think it looks nicer then the day she bought it, 1928! You wrote such a nice note - you will probably get too much last minute business now!  Are you taking on any new small jobs now or just finishing up what you have?  Cheers to you! I know how hard it is to run a business- everything changes over time.  Wish you much luck and enjoyment in a future path, and defiantly let me know about the sale!

This is a very sad day.  Your pieces are front and center in our living space and have brought us great joy over the years.  My wife and I always look forward to visiting your store, first on Jarvis and than Queen Street.  This is a sad day for fine furniture made in Canada!  All the best in whatever comes your way and your new challenges!

I just wanted to say best of luck in whatever you do next! you guys were the best :O) i learned so much from you. and now, 20 years later i am finally going to start making furniture again myself. i'll pick up where you are leaving off... not really! but seriously, what i learned from my time with you is what will propel me forward into the future.

Very well said email and I am sad for you that Nitty Gritty is being closed. I am also very glad that I have some wonderful pieces you did for me.

Sorry to hear that the time has come to make the tough decision to close. Thanks again for all the great furniture in our home and cottage - such quality and endurance and we still get so many compliments and also for helping my refinishing skills with all the milk paint and tips. My grown children now know how to make old furniture look wonderful again and definitely good for the environment. Many good memories of going to both your downtown stores. 

Last year you fixed a chair for me, and I wanted to let you know how meaningful that was. The chair was my grandparents', and it's too late now to ask them whose it was before it was theirs. (All I know is that you told me it looked like it was built in the 1870s.) After my grandfather died, my grandmother organized the distribution of most of their possessions amongst the family, including shipping that chair from Dorset, England to me. 

In a weird coincidence of deteriorating health and shipping times, the chair arrived on my doorstep the day after my grandmother died. It was badly damaged en route, but I was so glad to have such a beautiful, physical reminder of them in my house, I almost didn't care. Of course, after a few months I knew that wouldn't do, and called you. 

Now that it's repaired, I still treat it like it's made of glass. It's in my bedroom and only ever gets used as a place to pile clothes, but I can't tell you how much it means to have it there, in perfect working order should I ever be brave enough to use it. 

Oh, David- I'm so sorry to hear that. I have enjoyed your regular update, and was thinking of you for a country dining room table and chairs A. and I have agreed to buy for our daughter's wedding present. Maybe you have something in inventory she should look at?

Congratulations on 38 wonderful years. Best of luck on the next chapter as I know this is just a turning of a page not the closing of the volume. 

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Please share your thoughts and let us know how you feel!

Thank you all for your lovely heartfelt messages and good wishes.  While there are too many to post, we appreciate them all and thought you would enjoy reading a few others below.  Thank you as well for the “extra” LinkedIn endorsements too!

Please come to our home to refinish 3 bathroom counters. They are unworthy of your excellence but we would appreciate the help nonetheless. $$$$$ or whatever you think is appropriate. 

Our whole family is so sad that there will no longer be a Nitty Gritty.  We have always loved working with you and have admired your work so much. The world is changing, but not always for the better.  You are SO talented and we know another avenue will open. But we always will have happy memories of Nitty Gritty, and the many pieces in our houses will be loved by us and will be a great reminder of you and your work. 

The best of luck and keep in touch

Hey:  I'm really sorry. You helped me choose furniture for my tiny weeny row-house living room some 6 years ago and I always held you in high esteem. What great taste you all have and I do hope it gets put to good use somewhere. I'm so sorry to see you go.  If I know anyone who's buying, I'll forward your mail.  Sad days for our economy  and for good guys like you.  Best to you,

Awesome note – brilliantly worded – from the heart – and for me a bit of pit in my throat and a tear in my eye – as I know how you and Liz have commited heart and soul and more to the store and your Customers!!

You will not likely remember us but you made a wonderful stereo cabinet for us about 10 years or more ago. I dropped in when you were still downtown and talked about making a complementing record cabinet but one thing led to another and here we are – no cabinet and you are closing.  We would hope that we could explore the possibility of you making a piece for us and we are hoping that it might be possible to come by your shop on this Saturday or some Saturday in the near future to discuss.

I am sorry to hear you are closing, I understand the difficulties so many business face.  As an FYI, the two chairs I purchased from you when I lived in Mississauga are now residing at my home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles California. They still look as good as the day I got them.  I wish you every success in your future endeavours.

I am sorry to hear about Nitty Gritty. I have always loved coming in to appreciate the wonderful things that you do. It is a disappearing art. Everything in our society seems to be becoming commoditized.  Even more, I appreciated the opportunity to talk to you. It was a great way to keep up all of these years. I hope that I can get down there in the near future.

S. and I were both saddened to learn that Nitty Gritty is closing. I sit in an office surrounded by furniture made by Nitty Gritty, at our home we sit at a dining room table made by Nitty Gritty, and when we are at our farm on the weekend, we and our friends and family sit at another Nitty Gritty table. This furniture has been part of our family memories for years, and will remain an important aspect of family activities for many years to come.  Thanks for the great furniture, and the contribution to great memories.  All the very best with your future endevours.

Hi David, I am indeed very sad that you are closing.  However, I probably like a number of your clients, I have been putting off for quite a while having my father's (now deceased) Ridpath's desk refinished and would love to talk about that with you.  I will come to your store next week to discuss.  I am sorry the market is such that it doesn't seem to make good business sense for you to do indeed have incredibly wonderful things in a class all of their own.  All the best,

David - My mother forwarded the information about Nitty Gritty closing - and it's such a sad message! You know R. and I have your fabulous chairs and extendable table in our cottage kitchen, as well as the wonderful bar chairs at our kitchen island. We would like to replace our cottage dining room table with something that can handle a larger crowd. And we'll likely need 12 or so chairs. If I come back to you after Christmas, will that be ok? I won't be at the cottage again until then. Thanks so much!

I was so sorry to get your email announcing the closing of Nitty Gritty later this year after all your years of creating and running such a wonderful business.  Certainly the kitchen and the other pieces you made for us at the cottage are beautiful and the repairs you did for us in Toronto and at the cottage were excellent.   Good luck with the next chapter...whatever it may be.

Oooohhhhh, David,  How (on the one hand) I completely understand your decision to close and, at the same time, feel so very sad.  All good things….. as they say.  I can only imagine how you might reinvent yourself.  Until then, I wish you, your colleagues, and your family, all the very best of health and happiness down the road.

Please stay in touch  P.S.  I have my lovely credenza unit to remind me every day

Dave, As you poignantly remind all of us, all good things must come to an end.  It's interesting to me that this expression - as it will have been honed over periods of time longer than any of us will individually enjoy - states an imperative.  One could say that things "might" or "should" come to an end.  But we don't.  We say "must".  I can say that Nitty Gritty means and represents something that has captured my imagination.  N’s architect friend, N. B. once told me that he visited your shop for inspiration from time to time.  Indeed he stole an idea from you, that I then stole from him.  

I may have poorly delivered on such inspiration - but that's (I hope!) hardly the point.  There can be no question that the reverberations of your thinking and craft have extended more deeply than anyone could track or understand - even beyond the many provinces, territories, states and countries to which you - quite rightly - refer.  Career-wise, if I had half the balls that you do, I'd be twice the man.  Don't go changing. As ever, the next thing or "other side of the bridge" is impossible to anticipate or understand, until it (inevitably) happens.  I look forward to seeing you there.  Thank you again for your inspiration - in craft and deed.

Very sorry to hear this news.  It was just a couple of weeks ago while my sister was visiting from Toronto that we spoke of Nitty Gritty – I recommended that she contact you to see what options you could provide in making adjustments to an already existing dining room table.  I would also like to share with you that since you designed and constructed our dining room table over 10 years ago now, we have enjoyed many a family feast at it.  You crafted a perfect table that enables us to not only share lots of laughs but in a way that reminds me of great times I spent at our family cottage around the harvest table.  There is little doubt in my mind that whatever you do moving forward, you will be equally successful.

David what a beautiful letter. You are lucky to have had such a passion for your work, not everyone can say that.  From the Indigo tables to the carousel animals to the sleigh beds, you created and restored lovely pieces.  I'm sorry your doors will be closing.

Hi Dave – Surprised and sad to hear this news! As you know we were looking forward to working with you – at some point – to find an armoire or something similar, and also had a few potential furniture restoration projects we were considering – but had to balance this with other major projects around the house. Given the circumstances we will need to review of priorities and see if we can meet up with you prior to your closing.  Take care for now and we’ll be in touch soon…

That's a shame! We were looking forward up to getting all our antique furniture restored as soon as we had the money for it!  We'll definitely drop by as we need bed side tables and other pieces. 

Dave: So sorry to hear about this. Very glad we got our restorations and orders in in time. We’re totally enjoying your work!

Hi David – I was saddened to read your note yesterday. I must say though, it is the most upbeat sad news note I’ve read, testament to your great view of life. I look forward to dropping by.

This is very sad news. The world of furniture is getting smaller! You will be missed. 

We have always admired the quality in your pieces. We are sad that you are closing and that the market has been "Ikea-ized".  Best wishes in your exit and move forward.

Dear David,  I am really sorry to hear that you are closing and am very much looking forward to your final sale.  I wish you all many good things in the future.

Bad news.  I've been thinking about a TV cabinet.  Could I come and see you later in November?

So sorry to hear that Nitty Gritty is coming to an end! I wish you all the best in your next endeavor which is sure to be as beautifully crafted as your first.

I am saddened to hear that you are closing. We have admired your work for years.

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