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Reclaimed Woods

Reclaimed barn boards, floor planks, joists and timbers all provide different and appealing character surfaces, and just often, different woods as well.  The choice of wood to build with 100+ years ago was often more about what was available, than what was required.  So today we find many different woods available in the reclaimed category. 

When we build in reclaimed woods, the furniture, it’s wood character, grain, and rich finish always generates “oohh’s and aahh’s” from customers.

We use reclaimed wood on request.  It generally costs quite a bit more than new wood, partly

because the raw timbers cost as much if not more that new wood. Secondly, it is usually stored outside, so before we can use it,  we often have to have it dried.  Thirdly, we then have to spend time with a magnetometer to identify and remove all the nails and buckshot found in the old wood.  Now, when we can finally get going, we have to hand pick through the pieces, cutting out mortisse holes and dry rot and other damage.  Lastly we have to be extra careful of floor planks because the tractor often ran across the barn floor leaking oils and other products which affect finishes.

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The Character of Reclaimed Wood

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