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Newly milled reclaimed wood pantry, island and other details needed to match the floor...

Two different woods, and two different starting colours.




...and Stained to Compliment the Floor

The contractor did a great job building this pantry, an island frame and other elements in and around the kitchen all with reclaimed wood.  However, when it came time to finish them all to match a particular sample,  the finish colour and character was elusive. 

After qualifying ourselves with samples, we came on site, disassembled all the components, and labelled them for reassembly later.  Then, we taped off everything to protect the surrounding finished elements.

Recent Restoration Projects - October, 2010

A Closer Look...

at a Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Pantry

We bleached the wood, and applied two different glazes to achieve the look the customer wanted.

The newly cut edges, now tie into the old wood look and the colour perfectly compliments the floor.

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