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Drawers, Sliders, Pull-outs and Dividers

Drawers provide great function in just about every piece of furniture we build from beds to kitchens.  There are drawers big and small, from trundle bed pull-outs to jewellery and map drawers, even hidden drawers.  Pull-outs in desks, kitchens, and laundry rooms provide extra surface area.   We also show below many different forms of hardware used, or lack there of, as in wood on wood slides.  For more info email us

Hardware OptionsHardware_-_Cabinetry_and_Construction_Details_-_Furniture_Facts_-_All_The_Details_-_Nitty_Gritty_Furniture_Design_-_Toronto,_Canada.html
Felt and Cedar LiningFelt_and_Cedar_Lining_-_Other_Design_Elements_and_Ideas_-_Furniture_Facts_-_All_The_Details_-_Nitty_Gritty_Furniture_Design_-_Toronto,_Canada.html

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