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Furniture Design

The design of every piece we build goes through four common stages:

  1. 1.    Discussion & exploration of scale,

        function and style; the outline.

  1. 2.    Initial C.A.D. renderings for

        proportion,  style, and design.

  1. 3.    Wood, colour, character and finish


  1. 4.    Review and finalization

From concept to plan, we review the look and style as well as the function of the new piece(s) of furniture, plus the space available, location, access, room lay-out and surrounding finishes.

Combining this background with your desired look and feel, leads to a creative design to match your personal style.

The most important stage is delivery and installation.  Our professional installers are the best in the business.  They need to be, to ensure each piece is safely delivered, assembled, levelled and properly installed in position.

Design is a personal expression of taste.  Our design process enables us to determine exactly what you desire, what will work, and how to create it.  For those who wish us to follow through, build and finish your furnishings, the design is a fundamental first step.  We spend a lot of time in the design phase, and generally attribute 20% of the total estimated cost of the project in that phase.  The costs of design are generally, but not always, absorbed into the cost of the finished product. 

For those who come to us for the design only, we will try to accommodate, fitting in your project when we have time.  We charge $85/hour to provide complete CAD renderings of just about any wood furnishings your desire.  To inquire about having us work on your project click here.

Our design process usually starts with your idea, a style, function or a look and from that we create an outline.  That outline leads to a CAD rendering, and if necessary a 3D sketch.  Along the way, we may look at alternatives and even differing ideas altogether, if only to share our experience, and ensure that the final design meets your vision, your needs and looks the best it can be.

In those cases where we are building, finishing, delivering, and installing, the time frame to delivery is generally 8-10 weeks from final approval of renderings, including final decisions made on all hardware and added elements.  Kitchens are generally 16 weeks from final approval.

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