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Restoration and Refinishing FAQ’s

Is it worth doing?

Most of our commercial clients see a big differences between the “before” and “after” following our visits, They consistently find the time we spend is both practical and impactful.  The differences can be huge and the benefits include a better work environment, improved office moral, and more favourable client impressions.

Can it be fixed?

We work many miracles but...sometimes, it just can’t be fixed.  Most pieces we come across we have great success with, but there have been cases where we advised the client that it is not practical to restore something to it’s original state, or be able to function as it had in the past.  It’s a pity, truly.  Our best advice is if something breaks make sure you keep all the pieces, and second, when something is starting to fall apart, either get it fixed right away, or don’t use it.  The greater the use when damaged, the less chance of a proper restoration, and usually a greater chance of higher cost.

What if a part is missing?

Often replacement parts are available.  We have sources for over 25.000 different pieces of hardware from around the world.

What about pick up and delivery?

We offer complete disassembly, and blanket wrapped pick-up, plus the same return delivery, assembly and set-up.  Charges start at:  $75 per man hour for the truck and driver.

How long does it take?

On-site work can sometimes be scheduled the same week.  The time required to complete the job will be outlined in any quotation.  If off-site work is required, including stripping, major repairs, reupholstery or refinishing, they can often be turned around within a week.  Sometimes, on more complicated projects,  completion can take up to 2-3 weeks for an individual piece.  Some items inherently require more time, and humid weather can play havoc with finishes.

What finish do you recommend?

There are many finishes we like, each for different reasons.  Sometimes it’s for durability, other times it’s for the look, and many times it’s for health!  

For those environmentally sensitive, we use water based finishes, including lacquers , urethanes, Zero VOC acrylics; plus, of course, water based glues.

We love to share our knowledge and will happily tell you what we suggest, given the piece of furniture, it’s provenance, and it’s current use.  We’ll tell you your best options, and why we recommend them, so you can make an educated choice.  While we’re on the subject, we’ll also discuss sheen, clarity, depth, and build of finish, all of which have bearing on both the look and durability.

Can you match colours?

After 35 years, we’re actually very good at matching colours.  You’ll see great example going through the restoration, and refinishing photos on the relevant pages of our site. If you want we’ll even provide a colour sample, before we start work on your furniture.  Colour samples start at $65 each.

What does it cost? 

Generally, commercial work is charged by the man-hour.  Contract work is is charged by project. A good starting point is our shop rate.  Time is billed at between $85-110 per hour.  We are happy to give estimates, after seeing the issues and understanding the scale of work involved.   Send us a few high quality photos by email.

Can we provide services on=site?

Yes many of our touch-ups, repairs and enhancements can be done on-site.  However, if the job requires stripping or spray finishes, we usually need to that in our shop. Some clients prefer to have us work during business hours, while others prefer after.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, just wait until you hire an amateur."

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