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For over 30 years, Nitty Gritty has been known for it’s carousel animals, new and old.  Our skills at restoration of both antique wooden rocking horses and antique carousel animals has been highly recognized throughout that time.  It’s an unusual activity to be sure, but we have fun doing it. Every animal (and client) has a story to tell.  We love bringing those stories back to life, while others like to write about our passion, click here to read one of the articles. 



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Furniture Design

We design and build beautiful handcrafted furniture and cabinetry from solid woods and fine veneers, in all styles.

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We are furniture restoration specialists.  We expertly restore, repair, refinish, update and rejuvenate antiques,and other fine wood furniture of every style.

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We restore and sell antique and contemporary carousel animals, antique English rocking horses and other carousel art.

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