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Recent Restoration Projects - May, 2011

A Closer Look...

Shaded & Faded Dish Cupboard


As impressive as this Dish Cupboard was in situ, as you looked closely, it really was in need of refinishing. 

You can see the worn and faded finish everywhere.

Fortunately, it did not need repair.

Wood Grain “pops” on refinished door


We stripped the finish, exposing the beautiful wood grains of a number of different woods.

We added colour back and refinished with a satin lacquer.

The Cupboard now glows and is richer and more vibrant than it ever was.

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“Everything is perfect!  I would highly recommend you.”
    ~ J B Markham

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Even the panels had worn spots.  Most noticeably, however, was the shading, or colour in the finish that obscurred the wood grain.

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