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2 Tiered Spinning Coffee Table


Our client’s father made this table in high school shop class over 1/2 a century ago.

It meant a lot to his daughter and she searched hard to find someone who could help.

We told her that is simple a piece as it is, it would be very difficult to repair.  Split tops that are round have no clamping edge.  Furthermore as the top was warped, wavy, and thin, we  had to be hugely careful.


We pulled the top apart, re-jointed and laminated the Oak boards.  Then we stripped the table and hand sanded it.  The legs, which were attached with angle brackets, were falling off, so we mortissed the legs, built aprons and made a proper frame for the base.  Now the table can be used without fear of collapse for decades to come.  Finally we re-stained to match the original and finished in hand waxed varnish.

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“I am thankful for Dave’s passion and skill.  He not only communicated confidence in fixing my father’s table, but he respected why it was important for me to restore. Today, my father’s table has been given a new lease on life and I appreciate it more than ever...thanks to Nitty Gritty!.”

    ~ R B Toronto

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